(Year 1)

Class Teacher - Mrs Rocca-Jordan



The children have been practicing making number bonds practically, using Numicon and scales. Did you know that the Numicon pieces were weighted?

First, the children put 10 on one side of the scales, then they investigated with pair of numbers they could use to balance it out. They filled part-part-whole models as they were trying out numbers, to make sure they tried all the possible combinations.

The following week we used the scales again, but this time we didn’t want to have a balance on both sides; we had some number sentences to investigate and we tried them out on the scales to see which side was greater than or smaller than the other. After using the scales, the children knew exactly whether they needed to complete their sentences with the symbols <,> or = or even some missing numbers!

In RE the children are learning about how different religions celebrate special days. At the moment they are learning about Diwali, and after reading the story of Rama and Sita, they acted it out with puppets and then made beautiful Diwali cards!

The class took advantage of the glorious sunshine to take their Maths lesson outside.

Here are the children practising their number formation (and drawing skills) with colourful chalks on our school playground.

Look at those chalky hands and happy faces!

(20 Sep 2019)